Anura Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Reserve

Appellation Coastal Region
Cultivar(s) Sauvignon Blanc
Alc % by Vol 12.22
Residual Sugar g/l 2.4
Total Acid g/l 5.8
Volatile Acidity g/l 0.24
Free SO2 mg/l 36
Total SO2 mg/l 105
pH 3.64
Winemaking Process Grapes hand-picked and grape must chilled to preserve aromas, with minimum sulphur additions throughout the winemaking process. Gently pressed using a vacuum press. Fermentation initiated in stainless steel tanks and fermented using commercial yeast, VIN 7 at a constant temperature of 14.5C.
Maturation Wine matured on the lees in tank for 3 months before being racked off the lees.
Tasting Comments An expressive Sauvignon Blanc with mineral, grassy, green fig tones combined with asparagus, peas and gooseberry flavours. This wine has a well-balanced acidity, which is supported by a crisp, full and refreshing palate.

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